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Oreon (PC Associates PB 1590) 1980


01 - Did What He Said
02 - I Am A Child
03 - Pilgrim's Progress
04 - Help
05 - Common Stone
06 - Stand Fast
07 - Little Children
08 - Prince Of Peace
09 - He Let Me Into His Kingdom
10 - He's The Shepherd, We're The Sheep

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Year : 2007
Music : Felix Maria Woschek
Songs Track List & Download :

                                                        1. Gospodi - The Light of Christ

                                                        2. Hallelujah - The Light is in Me

                                                        3. Kyrie - I am the Light

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More than two thousand years ago God sent Jesus Christ into this world. He became one of us, but he did nothing wrong. He showed us what God is like - merciful and kind. He healed the sick people, the blind were made to see, the deaf to hear, the lame to walk. Some people followed him, and to them he gave a new way of life - God’s way. But others hated Him because He was so good, and he exposed their evil ways.
He gave his own life as a sacrifice, a payment for our sins. He died on the cross to save us. Three days after he died, Jesus Christ came back from the dead. Now He lives in the power of an endless life to meet your need, to be your Saviour, to forgive your sins. Jesus Christ is the only one who can do this for you.

If you would like to make Jesus Christ your Lord, your Saviour, then pray and put your trust in Him.

"Thank you, God, for loving me and sending your Son to die on the cross for my sins. I now choose to make Jesus the Lord of my life. Help me to be the kind of person that You want me to be. In Jesus' name, Amen."

In the Bible, God tells us that he created us to have unending fellowship with him, peace with our fellow man, harmony and joy within our family relationships, and to have dominion over the world in which he placed us. But we chose to go another way.

We learn in the same Bible that we, through our forefathers, chose to live our lives for ourselves, rather than to have fellowship with God. This choice of selfishness lead to our earthly death, to no peace with our fellow man, to disharmony and sadness within our family relationships, and to a lack of proper care of the world in which he placed us. Because of this, our future changed to one of eternal separation from fellowship with God after death, completely without hope of joy or peace.

The Bible goes on to record how God provided the remedy for our chosen path of selfishness. He came to us in the form of his son Jesus Christ. This son lived a life of fellowship, peace, harmony, and joy in full fellowship with God. Though innocent of any wrongdoing, he voluntarily allowed himself to suffer and die as a guilty lawbreaker, and received upon himself the full penalty of our selfishness by death on a cross.

The wonderful conclusion recorded in the Bible is that this Jesus rose from the dead and returned to God. He is forever our representative before God. He enables us today to enjoy fellowship with God, peace with our fellow man, harmony and joy within our family relationships, and to exercise proper dominion over this world in which he has placed us. We need only to pray and ask him to come in and rule in our hearts and lives.

Simply talk to God and say, "Thank you, God, for loving me and sending your Son to die on the cross for my sins. I now choose to make Jesus the Lord of my life. Help me to be the kind of person that You want me to be. In Jesus' name, Amen."
You've made the most important decision you will ever make in your life. Jesus said, "If anyone comes toward me, I will not turn him away." He will be your answer to your questions on life's journey.

THE 10:15

Making Tracks (no label 2345) 1970


1. come to the table of the lord
2. peace i give to you
3. blessed are you
4. we are the people of the lord
5. he came
6. come to me i've come to you
7. the long song
8. joe's acclamation
9. revelation
10. just a closer walk with thee

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The Potter’s Clay (1971)

The Potter’s Clay (Audiolab AP2083) 1971?


01. Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is
02. Tin Soldier
03. Are These Your Thoughts
04. Easy To Be Hard
05. Put Your Hand In The Hand
06. Prayer
07. Just A Moment Ago
08. He Ain't Heavy
09. Trust
10. Trust Me Now
11. Transformation
12. God Love And Rock N' Roll
13. Drum Solo
14. Oh Happy Day



CHRIST WINGS: WATERMARK: "Channels Only (no label 802-43) 1980 Tracks: 01 I Heard Your Call 02 Lay Your Burden Down 03 By His Spirit 04 One More Nail 05 Worth..."



Channels Only (no label 802-43) 1980


01 I Heard Your Call
02 Lay Your Burden Down
03 By His Spirit
04 One More Nail
05 Worthy the Lamb
06 No Time
07 Take Away My Eyes
08 Everyday
09 Channels Only
10 Mr. Cliche Blues
11 It's So Simple

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TWO BY TWO (1976)

Promise/Living Water (Axent AX-1008) 1976


01 Glory to His Name
02 Come Lord
03 New Life
04 Come on Home Boy
05 Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
06 Live in Victory
07 Yes (I Believe in God)
08 His Name is Jesus
09 What a Price
10 Gethsemane
11 Thank You for Loving Me

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To Jesus With Love (Gold City GC 3175) 1975?


01 Workin' On a Highway
02 I've Got Confidence
03 One More Day
04 Will You be Among the Missing
05 Mama's Last Amen
06 Love Song
07 One Way
08 Why Me Lord
09 I Met Jesus
10 Through it All
11 Redemption Draweth Nigh

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Messenger (Messenger Ministries 820946) 1982


01 Don't be Surprised
02 Dry Hot Desert Conviction Boogie
03 One Fine Morning
04 You Must be Born Again
05 Nancy's Song
06 This is How I Want to Love You
07 To Turn Our Eyes His Way
08 Steve's Song
09 Draw Near to Me

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Star Of The Morning - 1982 (UK


01. We Are Persuaded
02. Do your Heart a Favor
03. Too Late
04. I Am
05. Star of the Morning
06. Praise the Lord
07. Just Want To Know
08. I'm Yours
09. Better Than I Myself
10. Give Me Your Love

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It Shall Be (Messianic LBA 2001-S) 1977

Produced by Lamb’s Rick “Levi” Coghill, Sonship is Howard Mark-Mandel (the Messianic Jew) and Nancy Helms (the Messianic Gentile).


01 Morning Song
02 It is Good
03 Shma
04 Gonna Be There Soon
05 You Are
06 Become Ye One
07 It Shall Be
08 Sing Halleluia
09 Anthem - Amid the Wind of Life

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First Fruit - 1983

I found this album on the net at another blog FlipsideMN's blog whish you can find here. This is a 1983 album that tends to be more 70's in sound.


01. Born of the Flesh
02. Another Kind of Love Song
03. Jesus Is A Friend of Mine
04. The Gospel Ship
05. Sonseed
06. The Open Door
07. Sail On
08. Oh Happy Day
09. Gettin' Back
10. And The Father Will Dance
11. Say Yes

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Everlasting Son (Marjon MJCS-39) 1978


01 Everlasting Son
02 Be My Friend
03 God's Gift
04 Empty My Vessel
05 Be My People
06 Share a Little Bit of Your Love
07 Silence of My Mind
08 He Paid a Debt-Amazing Grace
09 My Beloved
10 Jesus is my Name
11 An Invitation

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SEEDS (1976)

This Could Be The Start Of Something New (Klesis HRS-5356) 1976


01 Know What I'm Talkin' About
02 I Love Him
03 Hey Hallelujah
04 What a Friend
05 This Could be the Start of Something New
06 Salvation Suite- The Lovin' Man, You're Runnin', You Gotta' Decide

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Come Back To The Garden (Selah SS-2001-LP) 1974


01 The Son is Risen
02 He Set me Free
03 You Gotta Take Yourself Along
04 God's Got Everything Under Control
05 Come Back to the Garden
06 Joyful Harmony
07 Wedding Candle Song
08 Mary's Song
09 Livin' in Your Word
10 Brokenness
11 Simplicity

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JesuSongs (JSS 5001) 1975?

JesuSongs (JSS 5001) 1975?


01 Jesus, What A Man
02 The Alternative
03 Why Me
04 It's Jesus That They Need
05 I Thank You Lord & Thank You Lord
06 King Jesus
07 I Need Jesus
08 And He's Coming Again
09 The Last Invitation

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Arise & Shine (Hineni H-1003) 1977


01 Arise & Shine
02 God Of Our Fathers
03 Ballard Of 47th Street
04 Stand By Israel
05 Come Back People
06 I Will Call Upon The Lord
07 Trust In The Lord
08 Gospel Of Peace
09 Come Unto Me
10 Now We Can Love

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Promised Land (Dovetail DOVE 52) 1978 UK


01 - Morning Sun
02 - Gevoel
03 - It Took A Carpenter
04 - As The Wind Blows
05 - Peace
06 - Promised Land
07 - Judas
08 - Smile For The Sun
09 - Peter At The Breaking Of The Bread
10 - Morning Sun (Reprise)

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                       Sphinx (Casablanca NBLP 7077) 1977 (UK)

01 - Judas Iscariout Suite
02 - Simon Peter Suite

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It's Amazin' What Praisin' Can Do - 1978 UK

The picture came from a tape cover.


01 When Revival Hits Our Town
02 Praise Away
03 It's Amazing What Praising Can Do
04 Soul Man
05 I Will Sing A Song Unto The Lord
06 Marty's Praise Song
07 Who Is He In Yonder Stall
08 Benedictus
09 Lord Army ... Royal Prayer Force
10 Song Of Emmanuel
11 Jesus Christ Is Risen Today
12 Kiss The Hand Of Jesus
13 We Are Coming To His House

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Ready Salted (Myrrh Gold MYR 1005) 1973 UK


01 Salt And Light Company
02 Psalm 139 Vv 6-12
03 Paddy
04 Son Of God
05 Who Is He
06 Hallelujah Chorus
07 We Got Jesus We Got Joy
08 Schizo
09 Charisma
10 All God's Children
11 I'm So Happy

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A Star Whispered (Pilgrim 405) 1976 UK


01 Let The Light Shine
02 Christ The Worker
03 Disciples
04 Fisherman's Song
05 The Cross Was His Own
06 Love Is The Word
07 Who Do Men Say That I Am
08 A Star Whispered
09 Love, Love Your Brother
10 Tax Man
11 I Come Like A Beggar
12 One More Step
13 He Came From A Far Away Land
14 Body Of Christ
15 Benediction

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OASIS (1980)

No Room For Fighting (Glenmore GLR 580) 1980 UK *


01 - Fight On The Street
02 - Riding High
03 - Do It Now
04 - Need To Need You
05 - Closer To You
06 - Why Blame Me
07 - Border To Border
08 - Snake In The Grass
09 - Is It You
10 - [Unknown]

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Charge Of The Light Brigade (Dovetail DOVE 31) 1975 UK


01 - Charge of the Light Brigade
02 - Spiritual Stagnation
03 - Mission to Seagulls
04 - Simon and the Gypsy
05 - I Am Just a Charismatic
06 - Laodecean Church
07 - Christian Straitjacket
08 - Sixth Virgin
09 - King of Glory
10 - Amen and Praise De Lord

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Wood Bros & Company (Joy JS101) 1973

One of those refreshingly unique electric folkrock groups that immediately became a personal favorite. Wood Bros & Company are a co-ed group of six that hail from the state of Washington. As with many of my favorite folkrock customs they strike that hard-to-find balance of good production but with just the right amount of homemade vibes. Brisk tunes that glide along with surfy ‘60s reverb and twang (‘Singing Praises’, ‘Wake Up Sleeper’, ‘Bubbles’, ‘People Get Ready’), as well as charming ballads with fragile sincere harmonies and a strong sense of melody (‘The Touch Of The Master’s Hand’, ‘Come’). Nice piano accompaniment, jangly 12-string and catchy electric guitar work, including some fitting volume pedal effects. Ten original songs, all quality stuff from start to finish. (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott)

Thanks Dennis for the cover art work.


01. Let Me Introduce You To The Lord
02. Singing Praises
03. My Life Began
04. Wake Up Sleeper
05. The Touch Of The Master's Hand
06. Bubbles
07. I'll Never Thirst Again
08. Jesus Is Coming
09. People Get Ready
10. Who Loves You
11. Come

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Through A Glass Darkly (Lifesong LSR001) 1977

Superb Kentucky custom from the trio of Richard Broaddus, Ron Houtz and Mike Price. Sincere homemade rural feel with some west-coast hippie vibes, including simple acoustic songs with harmonica (‘We Love You’), lyrical piano/guitar melodies (‘Life Is More’, ‘Not In New York City’), twangy acoustic country (‘Light On A Hill’) and jangly electric folkrock (‘So Glad Ya Made It’). Some great plugged-in rural rock moves on ‘I’d Have To Be Crazy, Parts 1 & 4’ and ‘Changes’, peaking with the 9:20 multi-faceted ‘Ajax Revisited’ in three movements. Good hard rock fuzz action on ‘High Times, Low Times’, psychy phasing on the edgy ‘Jesus Is Love’. Subtle female backing vocals from time to time. The guys called themselves Latter Rain from 1972 to 1977, then changed their name because of the other Kentucky Latter Rain group. Attractive cover photo shows the trio peering through the windows of an old house. See also The Festival Album. (The Archivist, 4th Edtition by Ken Scott)


01. Life Is More
02. Light On A Hill
03. Jesus Is Love
04. We Love You
05. Not In New York City
06. High Time Low Times
07. I'd Have To Be Crazy
08. Changes
09. Before My Lord
10. Ajax Revisited
11. So Glad Ya Made It

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The Message (NMI NM-108) 1981

 (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott)

01. Puppet Strings
02. Questions
03. See You In The Rapture
04. Rainbow
05. Whirlwind
06. The Message
07. Shauna's Song
08. King Of Hearts
09. He Gave Me A Reason
10. Where Would I Be

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Did I See What I Thought I Saw? (Home Spun RG 1000) 1977

 (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott)

01. Beethoven String Quartet (Roll Over Chuck Berry)
02. Ears
03. The Prodigal Ducks
04. The Hobo
05. The Tempest
06. The Obstinate Toy Soldier
07. Religion's Pigeon
08. Groundhog
09. The Sparrows
10. The Parables

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Songs For You (Singcord ZLP 723) 1972


01 - Why Not I
02 - God Is Always Near Me & The Bible Is Precious To Me
03 - When All My Dreams Come Tumbling Down
04 - Sh, Sh; Sit Very Quietly
05 - No Wonder
06 - He's Able
07 - Jesus Is My Shepherd
08 - Shadrach, Meshach, And Abednego
09 - For God So Loved The World
10 - H-E-A-V-E-N & Joy, Joy, Joy!
11 - Put A Great Big Glowing Smile On Your Face
12 - Sing Your Cares Away
13 - If You're Saved And Know It & Little Helpers For Jesus
14 - Be A Little Candle
15 - Things Are Different Now
16 - I'm So Happy
17 - All Day Long My Heart Keeps Singing


Come to the Rock

Come to the Rock (Hallelujah H 222) 1972

Dennis also has a 2008 release on CD called "Come to the Rock" which is different than this early album. The CD can be purchased here ,


01. Listen To The Sound
02. The Illusive Dream
03. Dueling Guitar
04. Track04
05. Precious Lord Take My Hand
06. Lazarus
07. Somebody Touched Me
08. Track08
09. Sunday Morning Coming Down
10. Come To The Rock
11. Malaguena


Bitter Sweet

Bitter Sweet (NRP NR5645) 1975


01. The Annunciation
02. The Visitation
03. The Nativity
04. The Presentation
05. The Finding of the Boy Christ in the Temple
06. The Agony in the Garden
07. The Scourging at the Pillar
08. The Crowning With Thorns
09. The Carrying of the Cross
10. The Crucifixtion and Death of Our Lord
11. The Resurrection
12. The Ascension
13. The Descent of the Holy Spirit
14. The Assumption
15. The Coronation



Growing (Airborn ARP AR 509) 1976?


01. I've Got A Name
02. You Can Close Your Eyes
03. You're Caught in a World
04. The People Below
05. Son Come Out
06. Love Song
07. Searchin'
08. Forest Lawn
09. Come On Down
10. He Is Alive
11. Nobody Wanted Him
12. Get Together



The Wind Children (BAZR 916) 1973


01. Introduction
02. Galilean Fisherman
03. Little John
04. Were You There
05. O Lamb of God
06. Without You Now
07. He Wasn't in my Mind
08. Singing in Tongues
09. Sim Cu Na
10. Conversion of Paul
11. Battle Hymn of the Republic
12. Priscilla of Rome
13. Never Never Never
14. You Sound Very Sane
15. All I Know
16. Finale - Sim Cu Na


Reflecting The Son

Reflecting The Son (Destiny D-5505-S) 1973?


01. Can't You See
02. Knock
03. Rock & Roll
04. Psalm 19
05. God's Promise
06. Man From Galilee
07. I'm So Glad
08. Woke
09. Sing Alleluia
10. Father Loves You
11. Two Hands
12. Come to the Water


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