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CEPHAS (UK) - (1976)

Here To Stay (Genesis 3) 1976 UK *

Cephas is Dave and Lesley Newman, a British duo with a serene acoustic folkrock approach similar to Parchment and Malcolm & Alwyn. Lesley's lovely vocals and the rich 12-string sound make for refreshing listening. Both she and Dave were graduates of a gospel rock band called Kerygma. 'M and A' is an interesting song in that it laments the breakup of Malcolm & Alwyn - it's clear that those UK pioneers had a strong influence in fashioning the Cephas sound. (Ken Scott – The Archivist, 3rd Edition)


01 - The Underdog
02 - Peace Through Jesus
03 - He's Coming Soon
04 - Reflection 23
05 - Kiss The Moon
06 - Since You Came Along
07 - Emmanuel's Road
08 - Here To Stay
09 - M. And A.
10 - He's My Friend
11 – Kaputt
12 - Smile God Loves You

Bitrrate: 320

CEPHAS (PA) - (1973)

Teen Challenge Presents (Rite 32218) 1973

Low-budget Pennsylvania basement folk/folkrock troupe led by Jeff Cogswell. The Rite label usually signifies a totally homemade affair and that's pretty much what Cephas is. The background vocals behind Jeff are fairly amateur, but the music itself ain't that bad. Some cuts like 'Jesus Is Just Alright' and 'Meander1 benefit from a faint garage/psych angle ala Guitar Ensemble, thanks to the guitar solos and moody organ. Other cover songs include 'Jesus Is The Answer1, 'Save The People' and 'Maranatha'.
(Ken Scott – The Archivist, 3rd Edition)


01 - Jesus Has Changed My World
02 - Till Another Soul Goes Free
03 - Show Me The Way
04 - Jesus Is Just Alright
05 – Meander
06 - Jesus Is The Answer
07 - Save The People
08 – Maranatha

Bitrate: 320

C.P. MUDD -(1975)

Love Come Near (Jonah ARP 9488) 1975
Although there are many fine folk Ips out there, few are the ones whose melodies really strike an emotional response within me. The music of this gentleman is one of the exceptions. This is truly a precious collection of songs. You might recognize C P Mudd from his collaborations with Neil Blunt on the NALR album Possible Gospel and The Group's No Time Like The Present. His songs just seem so incredibly moving, joyful expressions balanced with beautiful calm soothing ballads led by one of the nicest voices you'll ever hear. Accompanying him are acoustic guitars, flute, banjo and bongos, with Tim Schoenbachler on piano, bass, synthesizer and string ensemble. I mean it - I'm touched. (Ken Scott - The Archivist, 3rd Edition)


01 - Lift Up Your Voices
02 - Song Of Reassurance
03 - Offeratory Prayer
04 - Step By Step
05 - We Come For Life
06 - Love Come Near
07 - If We Go To The Mountain
08 - Love Doesn't Care At All
09 - Acclamation IV
10 - Unless We Die
11 - Rise Up
12 - If You Love Me

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Wind Fire (1981)

Windfire (Holy Trax! no #) 1981ption

Cool name, cool cover, and cool music from this group of male artists, all
members of a Detroit non-denominational fellowship. A sharp 70s rural
rock kind of sound strengthened by the rugged homemade vibes and firm
electric guitar backing/leads. 'Feed My Little Ones', The Message Still
Stands' and 'Jesus You're The Joy' all benefit from some nice flute
accompaniment. Other standouts are the brisk harmonica-led 'He Gave
To Us' and the mid-tempo Southern-edged 'My Search'. Several different
songwriters for the album's ten original tunes. (Ken Scott – The Archivist, 3rd Edition)

A special thank you to David for providing the music.


01. Feed My Little Ones
02. The Message Still Stands
03. He Is My Song
04. Trust In Him
05. Jesus
06. Jesus You’re The Joy
07. Jesus Is Mine
08. He Gave To US
09. My Search
10. Feel So Good

Bitrrate: 256


CHORALERNA-Living Water (Key KL023) 1974 UK*

This one is not in The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition.


01. But To All The People I
02. Make A Path & Lamb Of God
03. To Be Born Again & But To All The People
04. Living Water I
05. Living Water II
06. Living Together In Love
07. Peace Inside
08. Holy Spirit (Lead Us On)
09. After I'm Gone & He'll Soon Be Back (Finale)
10. But To All The People II


CHORALERNA -1971 (Sweden)

Step Out (SIGNATUR LP6910) 1971 (Sweden)

This is is not in The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition.


01. Han Är Allt För Mig
02. Step Out In Faith
03. Jeg Tror På Gud
04. Hallo Sunshine
05. He's My All And All
06. Gud Aldrig Mig Lämnar
07. Liv, Liv, Liv
08. I Want To Be More Like Jesus
09. Symphony For The Lord Of All
10. Det Är Så Gud Menat
11. Lord Don't Move That Mountain
12. I Can't Help But Serve The Lord




Maranatha Band (MBS-101) 1980

Nine-member guy/gal light-rocking Kansas outfit doing workable versions of other ccm groups’ songs. The usual instruments plus piano, flute and femme vocals are wrapped around selections from Fireworks (‘Don’t Look Back’), Pat Terry (‘He Has Chosen Me For You’), 2nd Chapter Of Acts (‘Mansion Builder’), Lamb (‘Night Is Far Spent’) and Larry Norman (‘I Am Your Servant’). An upbeat disco groove is manufactured for ‘With Every Breath I Take’. Members Paul and Brian are referred to as the “fuzz brothers’, so named I’m guessing for the fuzz guitar they contribute to a couple tracks. They get a chance to cut loose and strut their stuff on ‘Cossack Song’, one of Love Song’s more hard-rocking numbers. Also a decent riff on Buryl Red’s ‘He Is Alive’, which even slips in a drum solo. Little things like that help lift Maranatha Band above the usual cover-band blahs. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition)

A special thank you to Ozark Ken for this one.

01. He is Alive
02. Don't Look Back
03. He Has Chosen You For Me
04. Cossack Song
05. With Every Breath I Take
06. I'm Gonna Rise
07. For Ronnie
08. Mansion Builder
09. Night is Far Spent
10. I Am Your Servant

Bit rate: 320


The Exodus (Destiny D-2011-S) 1975

Bigger production for the sophomore effort, even dragging in the Pitu Guli Folk Orchestra (whoever they are) for the mysterious title track, playing such commonplace instruments as gaida, gadulka, tamboura, tapan, and kaval (sounds like bagpipes to me). Evan Williams returns as producer and his touch is definitely here: the wah-wah guitar, acoustic guitars up-front. Fuller sound, more diverse, some bluegrass (‘Paperback Bible’ – “I didn’t have the money for the leather bound kind”), blues (‘Backslider Blues’ with harmonica and rippling piano licks), soulful rock (the brass-backed ‘Waymaker’), and orchestrated ballads (‘Christ Lives Today’ and the heavily wah’d ‘The Understanding Love’), succeeding more often than not. Lots more assistance this time from the likes of Al Perkins, David Diggs, others. Sure fits into that early Maranatha country-ish folkrock sound - in fact the label later picked up the lp for distribution (HS 777/23). Both releases have the same front cover photo. The back cover of the Destiny release features several b&w photos of the group, while the Maranatha back has another color photo of the trio in the desert. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition)


01 - The Exodus
02 - We Only Came To Sing
03 - The Understanding Love
04 - God's Prologue
05 - Paperback Bible
06 - Jesus Is
07 - Backslider Blues
08 - Waymaker
09 - Christ Lives Today

Bit rate: 320      

DAVE POPE (UK) / Time To Take Account 1972?

Time To Take Account 1972

This was requested by a reader.
A Special thank you to Dennis and Dave for cover art on this album.


01 - Come Let Us Reason Together
02 - Somebody Told Me
03 - Water Into Wine
04 - God Speaking To You
05 - I Wish We'd All Been Ready
06 - Butterflies And Skies
07 - Time To Take Account
08 - Not Of Dreams (Jesus Christ Son Of God)
09 - Lord And Father
10 - Another World
11 - I Am The Way
12 - Down To Earth


MICHAEL OMARTIAN /Adam Again 1976?

Adam Again (Myrrh MSA-6576) 1976

Fine follow-up retains a professional sound despite the lack of mainstream label attention this time. The progressive influence is still present but not quite as apparent. Instrumental solo excursions can be found on the lengthy prog-edged selections ‘Alive And Well’ (sung first-person from the perspective of Satan) and ‘Here He Comes’, the latter recounting the return of Christ “through the smog” – both songs are part of side two’s ‘Telos Suite’. Not quite the ‘70s FM radio sound, but not really top-40 pop-rock either. Omartian’s unique jazz-influenced keyboard-driven rock finds a nice middle ground on cuts like ‘Ain’t You Glad’, ‘Annie The Poet’, ‘No Matter What Shape You’re In’ and the ballads ‘See This House’ and ‘Adam Again’. Tastefully orchestrated with strings and horns at times and there’s even a catchy dated disco tune called ‘Whatchersign’, a humorous knock on astrology. Guitar whiz Larry Carlton graces a couple cuts. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition)

In my opinion these two albums are must have albums.


01 - Ain't You Glad
02 - No Matter What Shape You're In
03 - See This House
04 - Whachersign
05 - Annie The Poet
06 - Telos Suite - Prelude
07 - Telos Suite - Alive And Well
08 - Telos Suite - Adam Again
09 - Telos Suite - Here He Comes


MICHAEL OMARTIAN /White Horse 1974?

White Horse (ABC Dunhill DSD-50185) 1974

Christian rock went high-tech with this producer/keyboardist/singer’s mainstream release, later picked up for the Christian market by Myrrh records. Artsy, progressive rock compositions with some pop hooks and classical influences, all with a unique style and sparkling clean production that ought to give synthesizer lovers plenty of opportunity to drool while they crank up their expensive stereos. Michael is composer of all the music and sings lead vocals, while wife Stormie provides the lyrics and assists on backing vocals. Michael utilizes numerous keyboards including synthesizers, clavinet, classical piano, organ and honky-tonk piano. Some tough electric guitar as well on the heavy brass-rock opener ‘Jeremiah’, the climactic ballad ‘Add Up The Wonders’ and the superb seven-minute apocalyptic progressive title track. ‘Silver Fish’ and ‘Take Me Down’ also reveal art-rock influences, while ‘Fat City’ takes a fun clavinet-loaded sidestep into funky pop-rock. Just listen to that boy bang the ivories on ‘The Rest Is Up To You’. On the quieter more contemplative end are moody ballads like ‘The Orphan’ and ‘Right From The Start’. This album has rightly remained a classic over the years. The Myrrh release (MSA 6564) comes in a single-slip cover, while the original Dunhill issue has a much nicer gatefold cover. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition)

In my opinion these two albums are must have albums.


01 - Jeremiah
02 - Fat City
03 - The Orphan
04 - Silver Fish
05 - Add Up The Wonders
06 - Take Me Down
07 - Right From The Start
08 - The Rest Is Up To You
09 - White Horse


POIEMA 1976?

Poiema (Humble Beginnings HBM 101112) 1976

Selecting their group name from the Greek word for “handiwork” in Ephesians 2:10, this California male trio crafted a welcome soft melodic rural style similar to The Way. Of course the fact that The Way’s Bruce Herring provided production and technical assistance certainly doesn’t hurt, nor does the presence of Bethlehem’s Dominic Franco on pedal steel and popular sideman Alex MacDougall on percussion. Indeed Poiema would have made a fine addition to the Maranatha catalog. Good balance of both electric country rock and gentle acoustic numbers. ‘Give The Key Away’, ‘Southern California’, ‘Lukewarm’, ‘Little Flock’, ‘You Are A Gift’, twelve selections in all with each of the members participating in the songwriting. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition)


01 - Give The Key Away
02 - Southern California
03 - Little Flock
04 - What Have They Done
05 - Secrets
06 - Wait Up Jesus
07 - You Are A Gift
08 - Lukewarm
09 - Poiema
10 - Only Your Voice
11 - Create In Me
12 - Take Time

Bit rate: 320

Decent Beat 1983?

Decent Beat (Star Song SPCN 710 2051 867) 1983

Link Changed.


01 Water of Life
02 Remote Control
03 In the World
04 Safety in Numbers
05 System Breakdown
06 Fantasy
07 Fade to Glory
08 Messages
09 DMX
10 Metro Alien
11 I Dream

Bit rate: 320

Breakaway 1980? Canada


Breakaway (Tunesmith TS6005) 1980 Canada *

Christian music’s hallowed response to quirky synth-driven rock of artists like Gary Numan and The Cars. These Canadians were one of the first on the new wave scene with Ric de Groot behind the keys, Pete Cordalis on lead guitar, Doug Giesbrecht on bass, Gary Hendricks on drums and Mike King on rhythm guitar. All five share in the songwriting which includes such classic titles as ‘Pink Shirts’, ‘Atheist’, ‘Modern Romans’ and ‘Shuttle’ (“I’m boarding my shuttle going to leave this base, light speed forward ‘til I see your face”). From the heyday of the gutsy Tunesmith label. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition)

I changed the link.


01 Breakaway
02 Pink Shirts
03 Atheist
04 Feelin' Sad
05 O.K.
06 Shuttle
07 Modern Romans
08 Rendezvous
09 Between the Lines
10 Fine Line
11 I Saw You
12 Outro

Bit rate: 320                                                  

Go Tell Everyone 1968? (UK)

Go Tell Everyone (Avant Garde AV-113) 1968? (UK)

British production described on the front cover as “an album of original songs in the folk-style of our times by The Sacred Heart Choir and instrumental group with Eileen Greaves, conducted by Kevin Mayhew”. I adore some of Eileen’s other small-group folk projects (especially The Sowers and Flame), but with nineteen singers (mostly female) this one is closer in style to The Medical Mission Sisters. Mild charm on a handful of songs, especially when Eileen’s singing solo, but mostly tends to fall short of the Sisters’ standards. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition)


01 - The Bakerwoman
02 - Lower Your Eyes
03 - Jerusalem
04 - Go Tell Everyone
05 - Peter and John
06 - Let Us Break Bread Together
07 - Let Trumpets Sound
08 - It's Dark, Mary
09 - Show Youself To Me, Lord
10 - Fill The Pots With Water
11 - Roll That Stone Away
12 - Glory To The Risen Lord


KEVIN MATTSON / Rebel Lamb 1982

Rebel Lamb (Voice In The Wilderness) 1982

From a tape.

A special thank you to Tom for sharing this. He included this in his Email: Kevin Mattson was a performer around the Midwest in the late 70's to early 80's. I saw him at church, a youth convention or two, and at an early festival. He never put anything on vinly that I know of but did record cassettes of his performances and then these 2 linked below before I lost touch with him for about 35 years or so. He's in So. Cal. and has granted his permission to share if you'd like; provided that everyone knows the songs are from his "callow youth".


01 - John the Baptist
02 - Walking Down a Country Road
03 - Lonesome Friend
04 - Romans 8
05 - Rebel Lamb
06 - Daniel
07 - They Call You Wonderful
08 - Psalm 139
09 - There He Goes
10 - Popsicle
11 - And When Its Dangerous
12 - Forsaken
13 - Bathsheba
14 - Don't Turn Away


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