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Tsubo" 1987

Recorded at Magritte Studios, London;
Engineered by Dan Priest;
Assisted by Eric Hine;
Cover design and artwork: Linda Hill;
Lay-out: Kevin Dempsey

Dave Swarbrick, violin, mandolin, vocals;
Chris Leslie, violin, mandolin, vocals;
Kevin Dempsey, guitar, vocals;
Martin Jenkins, mandocello, mandolin, flute, vocals

01. Farewell My Lovely Nancy (5:10)
02. The Pride of Kildare (6:45)
03. Rouge & Red Shoes (3:49)
04. I Wandered By a Brookside (5:13)
05. The Seven Keys (4:18)
06. Romanitza (5:10)
07. Deneze-Sous-Doue (On the Wall) (5:55)
08. Frank Dempsey's Lament and Joy (6:30)
09. My Little Fiddle (4:21)
10. There's a River (3:50)

Track 1 trad. arr. Whippersnapper;
Track 2 words adapted Kevin Dempsey, tune Kevin Dempsey;
Tracks 3, 6 Martin Jenkins;
Track 4 words trad., tune B. Berry;
Track 5 Dave Swarbrick;
Track 7 Chris Leslie;
Track 8 Kevin Dempsey;
Track 9 prelude Dave Swarbrick/ Kevin Dempsey, Dave Swarbrick;
Track 10 Stevie Winwood


Dave Ellis

Album (1973)

Dave Ellis is an influential English folk guitarist, singer and composer whose music is extremely difficult to categorise, due to its unique diversity and combination of styles. His early instrumental influences include guitarist Bert Jansch.

Ellis' first vinyl album called "Album" (1973) won strong critical praise and is regarded as a classic, but the opportunity presented by acclaimed national TV and radio appearances (on such now-legendary TV shows as The Old Grey Whistle Test) was inexplicably never seized by his record company, at a time when the solo acoustic guitarist/singer-songwriter needed all the promotion they could get, no matter how good the material or performances.

As result of the lack of promotional follow-up at that time, Ellis's guitar prowess has remained one of the best kept secrets of the guitar fraternity, influencing such successful artists as Mark Knopfler.

01. I Have Been Amazed (lyric)

02. I Don't Know (lyrics)

03. Foxtrot

04. Can You Tell Me (lyrics)

05. Autumn Love Skip

06. Let Me Sing You Psalms (lyrics)

07. Interlude

08. Something Wrong (lyrics)

09. The Last Girl (lyrics)

10. Five Knuckle Shuffle

11. Smile for Me (lyrics)

12. Jingle

13. You I Love You (lyrics)

14. Nose Rag

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