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One Way ( 1972 UK) *

One Way (Myrrh MST 6506) 1972 UK *

Apparently David Pope had his hands in two bands at the time of this schizophrenic but interesting early Myrrh UK release. Each group gets an lp side, with The Alethians doing six songs of straightforward ‘60s folk - Peter, Paul & Mary with British accents. It’s quite nice - I like it better than RSVP (which it pre-dates). For Dave’s alter ego The Right Angle took the route of soft loungy jazz - background music for white tablecloth restaurants. It’s actually kind of fun and has a cool laid-back beat outta the ‘50s, without being overly schlocky. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).


01. Come And Go With Me
02. The Reason Why
03. You Can 'Tell The World
04. Reflections
05. Darkness
06. One Way
07. I Cannot Understand
08. The Way Was Dark
09. Pass It On
10. Questions
11. I Heard About
12. A Quiet Place

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Don’t Look Away ( 1976) UK

Don’t Look Away (Pilgrim 419) 1976 UK *

By this date the Pilgrim label was scoring more misses than hits, but here’s one you should definitely pick up. Don’t Look Away effectively samples British folk-rock and light blues in a genial manner not unlike Bryn Haworth. Simple arrangements feature Cordner on acoustic guitar, Mo Witham on acoustic and electric guitars, Nick Ryan on bass, Pete Yates-Round on drums and John Pac on mandolin and backing vocals. Mostly originals like ‘Brainwashed’, ‘I Fade Away’, ‘The Key’, ‘Naked Tree’, ‘Thank You Letter’, plus Graham Kendrick’s ‘World Said No’. Lovely Celtic flavor to the minor-key acoustic ballad ‘This Land’ – Cordner would expand on Irish folk themes in his ‘80s albums. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).


01. Brainwashed
02. I Fade Away
03. Passing Thru'
04. The Trial
05. World Said 'No'
06. The Key
07. Only Just Begun
08. This Land
09. Naked Tree
10. Thank You Letter

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Rodney (1975?) UK

Rodney (Dorian DRN 505) 1975? UK *

British singer-songwriter guy doing folk, rock and light blues stuff. He plays guitar, bass, mandolin and autoharp. Includes some cheap organ and rather queer synthesizer backing. Cool wah-wah rhythm guitar on ‘Last Generation’, ‘A Brand New Song’ and ‘There Is A Place’. The 5-minute closer ‘Samaritan’ has a nice basement Neil Young feel with some garage-angled rudimentary electric guitar. Not a bad album, sort of like a more homemade-sounding Garth Hewitt, with even a few cheesy psych undercurrents. Back cover says he lives in Northern Ireland, though the label is out of Scotland. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).


01. Turn To Jesus
02. Encounter
03. Forest Song
04. Last Generation
05. Take My Hand
06. A Brand New Song
07. Hill And A Tree
08. The One
09. The Greatest Gift
10. Wonder Where I'll Be
11. There Is A Place
12. Samaritan

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Nobody’s Children ( 1981 Canada)

Nobody’s Children (TMC 8001) 1981 Canada *

Man, was I excited when I found out Skip Prokop had become a Christian, having enjoyed his musical creations since the late ‘60s with The Paupers and then Lighthouse. Living relatively close to their Canadian homeland, I saw both pretty often. This guy could really drum and sing. The rest of the guys were involved with Simeon, one of Canada’s first Christian bands. This band represented World Vision of Canada, a world hunger organization, and the songs speak to that issue and a relationship with Jesus. Completely believable, engaging music featuring Prokop’s unique vocals on 10 excellent pop songs. Some interesting effects and guitar on the title track, but no real jams or horn workouts like with Lighthouse; just very genuine, solid stuff. (Bob Felberg) (Ken Scott – The Archivist).


01. Battle Lines
02. Share My Dream
03. Teach Me To Trust
04. Born From Above
05. Nobody's Children
06. My God
07. When I Recognized Jesus
08. You Can't Outgive The Father
09. I Will Not Stand Alone
10. Sharing

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Places ( 2007)

Places (Music Cellar C 2007) 2007

Rudy's work in progress. I first heard this during the first week after my father past away. It was a time if intense grief and missing him. Rudy's "Places" helped soothe my troubled soul as I listened to the music and was transported to the soothing peace that comes only from God. I relaxed and heard God say "Be still and know that I am God".

Liner notes:

Places is a work in progress. The concept is music that brings an image to mind and attempts to capture the feelings of that place. It is also an attempt to coax sounds from each different guitar that are unique to that instrument and give voice to the feelings of the place.

Please enjoy the music. As always if anyone wants an actual CD, write to Rudy at musicfromrudyb@hotmail.com otherwise enjoy the downloads. If you like the music send Rudy your comments. Encourage him to continue, we all need encouragement on the journey.


01. Stream
02. Meadow
03. Lake
04. Path
05. Rapids

WEDGWOOD, THE ( 1971?)

If The Truth Were Known (Creative Sound CSS 1508) 1971?


01. Pack Up Your Sorrows
02. Aura Lee
03. Summertime
04. Requiem For A Little Boy
05. What Now My Love
06. Foggy Mountain Breakdown
07. Mary In The Morning
08. Be Not Too Hard
09. Summer Sun
10. 5/4 Love
11. Once I Sang
12. Green Grows The Laurel

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Revival (Creative Sound CSS 1529) 1972?

Revival (Creative Sound CSS 1529) 1972?

Thanks to Dave Hollandsworth for the pictures.


01. A Mighty Fortress
02. Lily Of The Valley
03. Whisper A Prayer
04. How I Love My Savior
05. Nobody Knows
06. No Dark Valley
07. Abide With Me
08. Who At My Door Is Standing
09. In The Garden
10. Prayer Is The Key

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Country Church (Bridge S2223) 1972?

With two acoustic guitars, upright bass, sometimes banjo, ultra-conservative coat-and-tie looks, flawless soothing harmonies and a repertoire of old-time standards, the three men of The Wedgwood perfected traditional ‘60s adult folk ala The Weavers, The Kingston Trio, The Brothers Four, etc. Dan Vollmer, Jerry Hoyle and Bob Summerour met while attending college overseas in England and derived their name from an 18th century potter Josiah Wedgwood. Their debut My Lord What A Morning finds the trio putting their own personality stamp on folk interpretations of spirituals and hymns like ‘Amazing Grace’, ‘We Are Climbing Jacob’s Ladder’, ‘Oh, Sinner Man’, ‘Just A Closer Walk With Thee’, ‘Go Tell It On The Mountain’ and a few more obscure songs. Come, Follow Me and When The Spirit Says Sing follow a similar format. If The Truth Were Known is a bit more contemporary and includes several of their own songs - ‘Requiem For A Little Boy’ made it onto several Creative Sound samplers with its catchy wholesome harmonica melody. Other songs include ‘Pack Up Your Sorrows’, ‘Foggy Mountain Breakdown’, ‘Summertime’ and ‘Green Grow The Laurel’. Revival is somewhat more traditional, slowing down the pace for gentle reflective covers of hymns and gospel songs such as ‘A Mighty Fortress’, ‘Nobody Knows’, ‘In The Garden’, ‘No Dark Valley’ and ‘Prayer Is The Key’. Country Church is first-rate country folk, housed in a thick brown textured cover with shiny gold lettering/artwork. Dove starts to creep a little into MOR territory. Live is a fine accomplishment featuring the band in a concert setting along with a small string ensemble (though admittedly it feels more studio than live). Wholesome sounds for those mellow moods. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).


01. There's A Light
02. Arise And Shine
03. Will The Circle Be Unbroken?
04. Steal Away
05. Were You There?
06. Way Beyond The Blue
07. Don't You Let Nobody Turn You Round
08. Sister
09. When The Lord Comes Knocking
10. Precious Lord
11. Do You Love My Lord?

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Come On In (Sparrow SPR-1017) 1977

Sparrow’s contribution to the Christian country rock scene checks in only a step or two behind Maranatha frontrunners like The Way, Bethlehem and Daniel Amos. This five-man band’s album features Al Perkins at the production helm and a line-up of acoustic guitars, electric guitar leads, bass, drums, pedal steel, dobro, piano, congas and all that other good cowboy stuff. Nothing too rugged; just that natural relaxed easygoing rural groove with gentle melodies, airy harmonies and mellow instrumentation, slowing down for a couple string-orchestrated ballads. ‘Midnite Highway’, ‘Blessed Trinity’, ‘Born Over Again’, ‘Ocean Blue’, ‘The End’, five more. See also Anyone But Jesus. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).


01. Come On In
02. Midnight Highway
03. Blessed Trinity
04. Song Of Love
05. Forgiveness
06. Born Over Again
07. My Prayer
08. The Way Things Are
09. Ocean Blue
10. The End

Produced by: Al Perkins.

Members: Steven Steffy, Randy Boldt, Dave Stanley, Bobby Chance, Greg Fraser

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ROGER & JAN(1974 UK )

Question (Pilgrim JLPS 201)

Roger and Jan first appeared on the Key various artists album Alive! where they performed in a simple acoustic format. Five years went by and they had evolved into a British folky soft rock and pop sound typical of the Pilgrim label’s ‘70s output. That means a few mellow lightly orchestrated tracks, but there are also some meaty ones, like the Moody Blues title, Barry McGuire’s ‘Father’s Son’ and ‘This Jesus’ (from the musical ‘Rock’). Also includes covers of ‘Wedding Song’ and Garth Hewitt’s ‘I Will Return’. Some fair originals in here as well. Husband and wife, by the way, last name Hurrell. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).


01. Question
02. For The Taking
03. Simeon's Song
04. If I Were Free
05. Let's Take A Trip
06. Wedding Song (There Is Love)
07. Stayed On Jesus
08. This Jesus
09. Father's Son
10. I Will Return

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Mourning To Dancing (Music AD 1001) 1979

The sound craftsmanship was boosted significantly on Mourning To Dancing, an enjoyable custom blend of rock, pop, jazz and ballads. Ward’s keyboards are balanced with some nice guitar leads, bringing solid rock edges to tracks like ‘Highway’ and the jaunty ‘Holy Observer’. Cuts like the smooth jazz-grooved ‘Who Can Separate Us’ show Ward adding electric piano to his sound. Gets pretty funky on ‘Precious Is Your Mercy’. Closes with an updated version of ‘So His Honor’ from his first lp. Effective use of strings and brass on a few songs. Produced by fellow keyboardist Stephen Alexandersen. The original pressing has a cover photo of Ward with a mime. Later picked up by the Lamb & Lion label in a different cover, though from what I’ve read that version was re-mixed to have more of a “pop” edge. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).


01. Highway
02. Hold Up My Hands
03. Who Can Separate Us
04. Mourning To Dancing
05. Late At Night Again
06. Holy Observer
07. Gotta Get Home
08. Precious Is Your Mercy
09. So His Honor

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Freefall (Kingsway KMR 313) 1979 UK


British singer/songwriter Steve Flashman fits right in there with the best UK male solo lps from earlier days on labels like Myrrh, Dovetail and Grapevine. He’s got a lot of talent helping him out, including Paul Field, Mark Williamson, Christ Eaton and Norman Barratt. Good growling rocker in ‘The Projectionist’, with formidable guitar licks from Barratt. ‘On The Run’ cooks pretty decently as well. Some bluesy boogie action on ‘Who Do I Love’. On the lighter side is the acoustic title ballad which bears some resemblance to Phil Keaggy. Front cover shows a parachutist free-falling with a guitar, while the back shows the crater he made in the grass when he hit the ground. Steve released a few more albums on into the ‘80s. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).


01. Hideout
02. Free Fall
03. You Are
04. Celebrities
05. The Projectionist
06. On the Run
07. What Will You Say
08. You're My Prisoner
09. Clay
10. Who Do I Love

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ROGER & JAN(1969 UK )

Movin’ Over - Movin’ On (Pilgrim JLP 160) 1969 UK *

This one ain’t too bad either. Movin’ Over - Movin’ On takes twelve songs the couple were performing in the mid ‘60s and updates the simple folk style with “big band” arrangements courtesy of arranger and musical director Peter Bye. Actually that’s just a fancy name for orchestration (brass, strings, woodwinds, piano, percussion), on about half the tracks anyway, though I gotta admit it gets pretty swingin’ at times. Includes a re-vamped version of ‘Three Crosses’ from Alive! A re-issue on Pilgrim Quest (QLPS 35) in 1974 dropped two tracks: Gordon Lightfoot’s ‘Early Mornin’ Rain’ and Bob Dylan’s ‘Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright’. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).


01. Movin' Over, Movin' On
02. Judas And Mary
03. Reflections
04. For Baby
05. If I Had My Way
06. Three Crosses
07. Help Me Help Myself
08. Jesus Met The Woman At The Well
09. Thirty Three
10. Come And Go With Me
11. Christ Child Lullaby
12. Breakdown

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INGEMAR OLSSON (1970 Sweden )

Livs Levande (Teamton TSLP 7001) 1970 Sweden *

The Swedish Larry Norman? Not really. Needs longer hair for one thing. But there’s a frequent rocker mentality at work here that surfaces on tracks like the revved up remakes of ‘Mrs. Robinson’ and ‘No Man Is An Island’ (not my favorite song either but here it’s performed in the spirit of Larry’s ‘Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music’). More often Olsson’s style is poprock, the aggressive commercial variety (as opposed to the lame Christian radio variety). Seven of the twelve tracks are in English. Good deal of original tunes as well. Has a lot more bite than his ‘80s lp The Journey. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).


01. Mrs Robinson
02. Så'N Som Jag
03. Somebody’s Knocking
04. En Typisk Medmänniska
05. No Man Is An Island I
06. No Man Is An Island II
07. Om Jag Hade En Kikare
08. Samtal Med Gud
09. Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley
10. Veckoposten
11. Wonderful
12. I've Got Joy

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Sounds Of Fresh Waters (Word WST-8463-LP)

Both of these albums are refreshingly creative collections of folk originals with a strong classical component that features acoustic guitar (classical, of course), flute, harpsichord, mandolin, accordion and some dazzling viola work (courtesy of Merla). Moods shift from jubilant baroque stylings to snappy folk with a beat to sorrowful Hebraic lamentations to haunting mysterious ballads (dig that exotic percussion on Fresh Waters’ ‘In The Night’). Crystal clear production and dramatic rich emotive vocals, especially Merla’s stunning soprano. A timeless sound that unlike a lot of what I’ve found in the grown-ups folk. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).


01. O Sing A New Song
02. Consider Him
03. The Time Of The Singing Of The Birds
04. Miracles
05. Hear My Prayer
06. Just Before Midnight
07. I Will Sing
08. The Lord Is My Shepherd
09. It's Gotta Be Great
10. In The Night
11. The Seed Of Joy
12. Grace Be To You And You

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Mellow and smooth country folk troupe from Northern Ireland. Fairly ordinary but strengthened by the pleasant vibrato in Mary McKee’s lovely vocals. Simple arrangements with assistance from members of Parchment. Heavy country gospel influence. At their best with up-tempo gently-strummed numbers like ‘Fill My Cup’ and ‘Life’s Railway To Heaven’. Others like the Gaither’s ‘The King Is Coming’ don’t fare as well in the folk transcription. Country versions of songs by Garth Hewitt, Jimmy Owens, Danny Lee, Annie Herring, and Gary Paxton. Overall not earth-shattering - just peaceful and enjoyable. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).


01. Rivers Of Babylon
02. He Came A Long Way
03. Life Is For The Living
04. He Came In Love
05. Book Of Life
06. Just One Look
07. That Day Is Coming Closer
08. Which Way Is The Light
09. Hold My Hand
10. Guess Who Moved
11. Help Me

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A Truly Simple Tune (Pinebrook PB 1553) 1980

Looks like a folk duo and that’s more or less what brothers Steve and Brad Courtney are. Backed with bass, drums, piano, electric piano, Arp synthesizer, glockenspiel and flute the end result is a melodic pastoral brand of light rock and ballads. Fits in there with Shiloh, Gospel Seed, Stewart & Kyle, Bob & Bernie, Marty & Brown, Jim & Jerome, Harrod & Funck and all those predominantly acoustic softly-arranged male duos. Self-produced custom of ten original songs.


01. Salvation Song
02. If He was Born Tonight
03. Jesus Is The Only Way For Me
04. Are You Searching
05. Dear Drummer Boy
06. Second Chance
07. Sing A Song Of Our Love
08. King Cowboy
09. Shine On
10. Victory Song

Bitrate: 320


I’m Comin’ Home (Public Affair PAR 59) 1976

Father Paul, otherwise known as the Rev. Paul J. Kowalewski, hereby presents his contribution to the Catholic folk sound, mimicking the style of artists like Carey Landry, Paul Quinlan, Ian Mitchell and Sebastian Temple, both musically and vocally (think “tenor with vibrato”). Although pictured with just a guitar, he’s got a lot of help here from musicians on various guitars, piano, bass, percussion and flute. There are also a couple featured female singers: Barb Saleh (‘Trees’, ‘Hosanna’, ‘Wake Up, And Live’ and ‘Jesus Is Lord’) and Lori Stracken (‘Stay With Me’), both with beautiful voices. A children’s ensemble provides backing vocals on a couple songs. My personal pick is the fast-tempo minor-key ‘Joel’. Subtitled Songs For A Journey. The dude’s from Buffalo, New York.


01. I'm Comin' Home
02. Trees
03. Joel
04. How Can I Thank You
05. Hosanna
06. Stay With Me
07. The Beauty Of His Works
08. I Give Thanks To The Lord
09. Wake Up, And Live
10. The Lord's Prayer
11. Jesus Is Lord

Bitrate: 320


Come And Dine (no label 34922) (1979)

Very nice fragile melodic folk custom from six Brothers of the Western Dominican Province, robed in white and benignly posing with guitar, upright bass, banjo, autoharp, bongos and mandolin. Heartfelt acoustic ballads beside gentle upbeat toe-tappers sometimes with a bluegrass edge. Mostly originals plus ‘Leave It There’, ‘Come ‘N’ Dine’ and ‘Somebody Touched Me/Do Lord’. Similar to early St. Louis Jesuits in their pre-choral days. Nice to see this style still thriving in 1979. Followed by Let Us Be One (1982) and The Time Is Now (1984).


01. The Father Sends His Salvation
02. Morning Song
03. I Am The Resurrection
04. Jerusalem
05. Leave It There
06. Come 'N' Dine
07. Ave Regina
08. Let The Earth
09. Somebody Touched Me - Do Lord
10. Banquet Of Love

Bitrate: 320



Some fine moments on this four-man outfit’s rural rock record. The Deadful country twang of the opening ‘Hear The Light’ scores high, as does the cowpoke ‘Amen Again’ with its plunking banjo and quirky wah-wah guitar. Songs like the excellent ‘Suffering Servant’ and the hard rock attempt ‘No Sir’ draw comparisons to the open-aired progressive country rock of UK’s Canaan, complete with potent fuzz acid guitar leads. The closing ‘The Watchman’ also slips in a smidgeon of fuzz. The residual tunes can sometimes be a bit lackluster, descending into the ridiculous for the novelty ‘Wiener Song’ (“I want to be a child of God, not a hotdog”). Pedal steel here and there adds to the rural element. Female backing vocalists include Diane Tong, who also supplies the banjo. Cool homemade-looking cover art of an angel reading a Bible.


01. Hear The Light
02. Wiener Song
03. No Sir
04. Amen Again
05. Suffering Servant
06. People Had A Mind
07. Apropos
08. Psalm 121
09. The Watchman

Bitrate: 320



Efficient blues-rock endeavor from same Way International label that produced Pressed Down Shaken Together, Good Seed, Joyful Noise, Miles Of Smiles and Paul Virgilio. Features Lepinski on piano, backed by a small rock combo. Skips from straight-ahead contemporary blues-rock to boogie to slow blues ballads to retro Fats Domino r&r grooves with suave sax lines. No downer vibes here as the music and lyrics all have an upbeat optimistic mood – is that allowed on a blues record? Good rockin’ guitar on the title cut, ‘Brand New Life (Ain’t No Doubt About It)’ and ‘Since I Found The Way’. Gets pretty comical with his over-dramatic Elvis impersonation on ‘Nobody Knew’. Harmonica joins the picture on the closing boogie number ‘Truckin’. All ten songs written or co-written by Lepinski. Black and white cover is patterned after the front page of a newspaper, with headlines like Hippie Set Free, Giant Problem Overcome and Verdict Reached.


01. The Glory News
02. Justified
03. Nobody Knew
04. You Are What God Says You Are
05. Glory Hallelujah
06. Brand New Life
07. Oh David
08. I Know Its The Truth
09. Since I Found The Way
10. Truckin'

Bitrate: 320



Lighthearted good-time country rock custom from four guys somewhere out in Iowa. Members include Mike Pitts (rhythm guitar), Dave Best (rhythm guitar), Greg Morse (lead guitar) and Dana Walling (bass), with others contributing piano, flute and drums. Twelve songs with happy vibes like the title says, light to heavy, knee-slappin’ to gospelly, boosted by nice electric guitar throughout. Sample titles are ‘You Don’t Have To Cross Jordan Alone’, ‘For God So Loved The World’, ‘Cowboy For Jesus’, ‘That Jesus Loves Me Stuff’ and ‘The Church In The Wildwood’. Standout cuts are ‘I Stand At The Door And Knock’ (a gritty rocker with harmonica) and ‘Mountain Glory’ (another hard-edged rocker with cool tremolo effects). Belongs in the same friendly not-too-mean cowboy-hatted club as Heirship, Harvest, Simple Truth, Hallelujah Joy Band, Daniel Amos and Children Of The Light. This custom album was later released by Tempo (R7078) in a totally different cover.


01. Happy Is The Man Who Knows The Lord
02. You Don't Have To Cross Jordan Alone
03. For God So Loved The World
04. I Stand At Your Door And Knock
05. Call On Him
06. Cowboy For Jesus
07. Mountain Glory
08. From Me To You
09. That "Jesus Loves Me" Stuff
10. Christian Brothers
11. The Church In The Wildwoods
12. I'm On My Way Home

This is available from their:                                 Website!


Pressed Down Shaken Together & Running Over is Joe Fair, Paul Cuoco and Ralph Graham - three longhaired rocker dudes from The Way International. Their self-titled debut is an excellent independent release of melodic rural folkrock ala Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Songs like ‘Winding Binding, Goodbye Waltz’, ‘Hey, Whatcha Been Doin’, ‘Blessed Day’ and ‘Bright And Morning Star’ all have progressive hippie folkrock appeal, natural layered harmonies with a strong CSN bent, and a good balance of acoustic/electric guitar work alongside piano. Organ also works its way into a few cuts, including ‘The Blind Man’, ‘It’s Outside Of Your Mind’ and the heavy-rocking title track. Sometimes recalls the mellower side of Wilson McKinley. Paul Vergilio contributes electric guitar on ‘Christ Is Coming’ – he’s got a worthwhile lp of his own on the same label. Great cartoon cover of a happy sun shining down on trees. A second pressing exists on the WOW label from 1976 (WOW WPPD 104) with a different back cover. That version contains an additional track ‘Give A Listen’, but also shortens several of the others.(Ken Scott - Archivist)


01. Winding Binding Goodbye Waltz
02. Hey Watch Been Doin
03. Blessed Day
04. Bright And Morning Star
05. Children Of The Light
06. Pressed Down Shaken Together And Running Over
07. The Blind Man
08. It's Outside Of Your Mind
09. Christ Is Coming
10. As Sure As The Wind Blows

Also Paul Vergilio plays. Recorded in Ohio

Bitrate: 320 No Download

But here is the link to them:


Though much of the edge from their debut is lacking here, Star Of The Show still manages to capture an appealing pop-flavored blend of country and heartlands rock. Overall a more refined generic “Christian rock” sound that often downplays the guitars in favor of emphasizing piano, vocal harmonies and sometimes saxophone. A couple songs with a ‘Short People’ kind of shuffle, another with a whiff of Sanford-Townsend. There seem to be more Way-isms filtering into the lyrics this time - lots of references to speaking in tongues, “holy spirit” in lower case, “I grow by leaps in bounds in the Way Corps”. A bit harder to find than the first one. (Ken Scott - Archivist)


01. The Star of the Show
02. Body, Soul, and Spirit
03. Truly Glad
04. Like An Eagle
05. Let Your Light Shine
06. Attitude of Heart
07. Hand In Hand
08. All The Little Children
09. My Daddy Wrote Me A Letter
10. I Am A Leaf

Bitrate: 320 No Download

But here is the link to them:  
I try to double check the web before posting and found the link to this group.


Like Phil Keaggy and Leo Kottke, Robin Runge (aka Robin Crow or sometimes simply Robin) is one of those masterful guitarists who’s simply fascinating to sit back and listen to. He’s particularly fond of 12-string guitar and lengthy instrumental passages, reflecting strong influences of both classical and progressive music. You could easily insert some of these songs in the middle of a long Yes piece and they’d blend in perfectly. Lush cascading arpeggios throughout, sometimes with beautiful mellotron backing, especially striking on ‘Son Keeps Shining’ when combined with Sally Rose’s lead vocals (only two of the album’s nine tracks contain lyrics). Selections from Bach and Beethoven are seamlessly woven in. ‘The Ship’ was recorded live at Six Flags Over Texas. (Ken Scott - Archivist)


01. From The Sea
02. Life Has Just Begun
03. Corrente
04. Son Keeps Shining
05. The Ship
06. Fur Elise/Minuet/Bouree
07. Allegro/Study in D/Long Long Ago
08. Prelude/Laura's Theme
09. Country Here I Come

Bitrate: 320



She did it again - wow this gal is good! An even better follow-up, with songs celebrating the gift of life (in response to the then-recent Supreme Court decision on abortion). Now she’s reminding me a little of Marj Snyder. A simple and pure folk sound with acoustic guitars, electric bass, cello, bells and drums. I even dig the two live songs with the eight kids known as the Lollipop Express Chorus (‘Hold My Hand’ and ‘Joy In My Heart’). Mostly original songs, plus a cover of ‘He Ain’t Heavy’. The outstanding track would have to be ‘Song Of The Unborn’ - an eerie lamentation expressing longing for life from the perspective of an unborn child, sung, hummed and hauntingly murmured by Barbara while backed by minor-key dulcimer and the sound of a heartbeat. Also some beautiful delicate acoustic ballads, specifically ‘Life Is Like A Carousel’, ‘Echoes’ and ‘Song For Life’. The latter song was selected for Wayfaring Strangers: Ladies From The Canyon, a 2006 compilation CD of obscure female folksinger private press recordings. (Ken Scott - Archivist)


01. Shine, Shine, Shine
02. Song For Life
03. Hold My Hand
04. Hold On
05. Song For Unborn
06. Joy In My Heart
07. Life Is Like A Carousel
08. Sounds Of Love 
09. Echoes
10. He Ain't Heavy

Bitrate: 320



More convincing samples of reggae, calypso and acoustic ballads, many of which also appear on the above albums. Titles like ‘Magnificat’, ‘Take Me John-John’, ‘Babylon A Catch Me’, ‘Psalm 137’ and ‘Star Lullaby’. I’ve seen at least three different pressings and covers for this album. The copy I’m working off of comes from Canada and is on the same label as Apocalypse’s Sometime – Someplace. (Ken Scott - Archivist)


01. Sinner
02. Magnificat
03. Christmas Mento
04. Marianna
05. Take Me John John
06. Babylon A Catch Me
07. Rivers Of Babylon
08. Star Lullaby
09. Knew You Before All Times
10. Freedom Song

Bitrate: 320                                             Download

Please those who download this album go to Fr. Holung’s website and make a donation. Fr. Holung sold these LP’s to raise money for his ministry which is still in operation. It seems only fitting that we should continue to support this brother today. 

Various Artist

Sampler of Star Song-distributed artists including Jimmy Hotz, Arkangel, Jim Gill, Randy Adams, Pam Mark Hall, Tom Autry, and Fletch Wiley. Musically you’re better off getting the individual lps, but the fantasy gatefold George Werth cover (Arkangel, Phil Keaggy & Glass Harp) makes this an attractive package. (Ken Scott - Archivist)

I have added the rest of the artist for each song.

01. Jimmy Hotz - Beyond The Blues
02. Lisa Munson - Light The Darkness
03. Randy Adams - Miracle In Me
04. John Perez - I Don't Look Back Alone
05. Mark Christian - Sweet Forgiveness
06. Douglas Dye - Ask Him
07. Arkangel - To A Sleeping Infidel
08. Fletch Wiley - Jubilee
09. Jim Gill - Not Just Another Pretty Voice
10. Tom Autry - Without You

Bitrate: 320



Rich-voiced Englishman’s serving of light rock significantly buoyed by the easily-recognizable synths of After The Fire’s Peter Banks. Atwood’s vocals approach the resonance of John Michael Talbot on the mellow acoustic ballads while Banks’ keyboards give several tunes a light bounce. This album could have been a dud in the hands of a weak producer, but John Pantry captures a moody feel by allowing the acoustic guitars to stand out, enhanced by violin, cello, and background vocals by the group Cloud. Throw another log on the fire, kick back, and tune in. (Ken Scott - Archivist)


01. He Called Me A Rock
02. 3:25 AM
03. Colours
04. I Will Build You A City
05. Pentecost
06. Sitting At The Table
07. He Will Answer You
08. Lonely Man
09. Lonely And All Alone
10. Father I Hear Music
11. USSR

Bitrate: 320



Tungt Vatten (Prophone PROP 7756) 1975 Sweden *

The award for the most avant-garde sanctified ‘70s sounds would have to go to the custom debut of the Swedish trio Vatten. Man this thing is hardcore strange! Absolutely raw, loud, stripped-down, grungy, mean, lowdown, thunderous blues rock that can plod along at a pace that makes Black Sabbath seem fast. Or they just might burst out with an up-tempo jam that before you know it has degenerated into an improvisational free-form noise bash devoid of anything remotely resembling melody. Guitarist Tomas Ernvik absolutely shreds on the extended leads, fuzzed, phased, feedbacked - I can almost picture him setting his guitar on fire!. All vocals growled out in the native tongue with occasional ‘Gud’ or ‘Kristus’ to remind you that “it’s Christian”. Some boogie-woogie, jazz rock, and a couple tunes in the 7-8 minute range, one of them an atmospheric experimental psychedelic thing with what sounds like gurgly underwater vocals. Nifty gatefold cover.

(Ken Scott - Archivist)

The Title in English would be "Heavy Water".


01. Jag är trött (I am tired)
02. Du kämpar (You are fighting)
03. När du… (When you…)
04. Egoismen (The Egoism)
05. Tempora Mutantur (Temporary Mutantur)
06. Svaret (The Answer)
07. Förtröstan (Reliance)
08. Inget att förlora (Nothing to Lose)
09. Glädjesprutan (The burst of joy)

Bitrate: 320



Blood Of The Lamb (Star Song SSR-0006) 1978

Tom Autry’s second lp has some definite high points. ‘Blood Of The Lamb’, ‘I Want To Set You Free’, and the instrumental ‘Sacrifice’ are all beautiful moody pieces featuring spacey synths - essentially early versions of new age music that’d be right at home on a Jeff Johnson album. Most of the album, however, fits into the contemporary gospel and ballads format. Still, the aforementioned tunes justify obtaining this unusual item - and gave me enough cause to file my copy in with Johnson, Arkangel, Jimmy Hotz, and the Eden lps in the ever-so-thin art rock section. Impressive George Werth cover, the same artist who did Arkangel’s Warrior and Phil Keaggy/Glass Harp’s Song In The Air. (Ken Scott - Archivist)


01. Blood Of The Lamb
02. Sweet Smell Of Faith
03. Is It Wrong?
04. Natural Man
05. Blood Of The Lamb (Reprise)
06. Sacrifice
07. Without You
08. I Want To Set You Free
09. You're My Rock
10. Sacrifice (Reprise)

Bitrate: 320



Never Thirst Again (Pure Joy PJ103) 1976

Enjoyable five-man country rock band produced by Al Perkins sporting a nice rollicking sound with piano, steel guitar and banjo leading the way. Other country albums in this era lost authenticity due to too much polish and overproduction, but this band sticks to their roots (not necessarily a backwoods format, but no real pop crossovers either). Mix of acoustic and electric guitars, heavier than Shiloh, less aggressive than Canaan; mostly mid-tempo grooves ranging from mellow to mid-rocking, sounding a little like Bethlehem and The Way. A couple fast banjo hoedown numbers: ‘God The Father’ and ‘Oh Sweet Jesus’, Fred Field’s fiddle joining the party for the latter (some decent acoustic guitar picking in there as well). Dobro and organ also make appearances. Other titles include ‘Let Your Sun Shine’, ‘Rich Man, Poor Man’, ‘What Is Justice’ and ‘Pointin My Finger’. Outlaw saloon/bar cover makes ‘em look a bit meaner than they really are. Cowboy hats proudly in position. Overall goes down quite well. (Ken Scott - Archivist)


01. Never Thrist Again
02. Let Your Sun Shine
03. Rich Man, Poor Man
04. Thinkin' Back
05. What Is Justice
06. Oh Sweet Jesus
07. Pointin' My Finger
08. You Just Can't Lose
09. Raise Your Voice
10. They Don't Know
11. God The Father
12. Never Thirst Again

Member musicians: Edison Riggs, Willie Roberson, Jerry Barnard, Mark Ala, & Steve Messick.
Other musicians: Fred Field, Don Gerber. Produced by Al Perkins

Bitrate: 320



Presence - Presence (1976)

Absolutely precious 5-star UK progressive folkrock materpiece from 4-guy 1-girl outfit.  A distinctly British sounding record that combines the usual folk and rock gear with such instruments as mandolin, recorder, bongos, harmonica, organ, Chinese finger cymbals and African pottery drums.  The group's progressive angle is revealed through shifts in tempo, mood and dynmaics, as heard on 'Moment Of You', 'Turning Point' and 'God Is Love'.  Skillful acoustic presence throughout, plus a couple nice electric guitar solos that step in to accentuate the rock angle.  Artful use of percussion adds an edge to several songs.  'Break Down The Walls', 'Peace' and 'Presence' are all lovely delicate acoustic ballads.  'All For You' flows gently along to a wistful melody, while the recorder-backed 'Shepherd Song' fashions a hauntingly beautiful Cletic mood.  'Laws Of God' is passionately strummed, while 'Children' and 'Prayer' supply playful mandolin folk.  Charming fragile from-the-heart vocals (both male and female), coupled with creative songwriting that makes each and every song special.  It all adds up to one awesome record, my personal favorite from the whole UK scene!  (Ken Scott - Archivist)

                                  Buy CD!

God Unlimited - Ride High The Wind (1974)

Back in the peppy folkrock mode, their sixth lp has a lot of what make the early albums so good.  For one they've tossed in a couple of hardrockers (smile), proving they've still got what it takes.  The centerpiece would have to be their powerful remake of the lengthy 'Ride on', where loud electric leads and a ripping bass solo meet up against intense percussion.  Folkrock moods range from the brisk upbeat 'The Christed Life' to the driving electric 'You Are Free' to the dreamy minor-key title track.  Opportune use of phasing and wah-wah in spots.  Some of the ballads (which I've always considered to be their forte) seem truer to the old form as well, particulary their update on 'God Unlimited'.  Works in covers of 'I Don't Know How To Love Him' and Ken Medema's 'Will You Stay?  There's Some spoken dialogue between the songs - rather lengthy at times, but you could edit it out for repeated listening.  (Ken Scott - Archivist)

Bit Rate: 320

Glory Road - Exit (1977)

First time I heard this Arizona progressive country rock private press resulted in a jawdrop of silence. Not a shabby cut on here, with several stretching out into exceptional. 'Exit-Glory Road' for instance opens the album with a classic artsy progressive hard rock guitar overture. Several middle-ground rural acoustic songs follow bringing to mind the music of Horizon, The Way, and Sons Unto Glory. Greg Williams delivers some brilliant acoustic and electric guitar solos throughout.  Other instruments include harmonica and and string synthesizer.  'Which Way To Go' and the hillbilly 'Sing And Shout' supply pure country rock moods.  On the quieter side are a pair of dreamy soft-psych tracks: 'Straight Gate' delicately utilizes flute and reverse guitars for an other-worldly texture, while the equally mesmerizing mostly-acoustic 'New Jerusalem' achieves a similar effect with trippy synths and wah-wah guitar.  'Horizon' closes the album with another impressive buildup of electric guitar.  Several songs written/co-written by Bernie Rolfe, who also directed the project.  (Ken Scott - Archivist )

Bit Rate: 320



Easter in the Catholic Church

The Greatest Christian Feast:

Easter is the greatest feast in the Christian calendar. On this Sunday, Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. For Catholics, Easter Sunday comes at the end of 40 days of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving known as Lent. Through spiritual struggle and self-denial, we have prepared ourselves to die spiritually with Christ on Good Friday, the day of his Crucifixion, so that we can rise again with him in new life on Easter.

The Fulfillment of Our Faith:

Easter is a day of celebration because it represents the fulfillment of our faith as Christians. St. Paul wrote that, unless Christ rose from the dead, our faith is in vain (1 Corinthians 15:17). Through his death, Christ saved mankind from bondage to sin, and he destroyed the hold that death has on all of us; but it is his resurrection that gives us the promise of new life, both in this world and the next.

The Coming of the Kingdom:

That new life began on Easter Sunday. In the Our Father, we pray that "Thy Kingdom come, on earth as it is in Heaven." And Christ told his disciples that some of them would not die until they saw the Kingdom of God "coming in power" (Mark 9:1). The early Christian Fathers saw Easter as the fulfillment of that promise. With the resurrection of Christ, God's Kingdom is established on earth, in the form of the Church.

New Life in Christ:
That is why people who are converting to Catholicism traditionally are baptized at the Easter Vigil service, which takes place on Holy Saturday (the day before Easter), starting sometime after sunset. They have usually undergone a long process of study and preparation known as the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA). Their baptism parallels Christ's own death and resurrection, as they die to sin and rise to new life in the Kingdom of God.

Communion - Our Easter Duty:
Because of the central importance of Easter to the Christian faith, the Catholic Church requires that all Catholics who have made their First Communion receive the Holy Eucharist sometime during the Easter season, which lasts through Pentecost, 50 days after Easter. (They should also take part in the Sacrament of Confession before receiving this Easter communion.) This reception of the Eucharist is a visible sign of our faith and our participation in the Kingdom of God. Of course, we should receive Communion as frequently as possible; this "Easter Duty" is simply the minimum requirement set by the Church.


Easter is more than a festival of Enlightenment. Easter is also a prayer of Light. We pray to the risen Christ to lead us from the unreal to the real, from darkness to the Light and from death to Immortality. On this spiritual journey Jesus makes an invitation to all of us.

Christians celebrate Easter Sunday because Jesus rose from death. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is one of the fundamental principles and beliefs of Christianity and a well documented historical fact. Christians celebrate Easter Sunday because they believe, Jesus died for their sin on the Cross on Good Friday. Jesus was buried on Friday and rose from death on Sunday. Christians believe only Jesus can give eternal life, because He overcame death.

The Empty Tomb:

1 Early on the first day of the week, while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb and saw that the stone had been removed from the entrance. 2 So she came running to Simon Peter and the other disciple, the one Jesus loved, and said, "They have taken the Lord out of the tomb, and we don't know where they have put him!" 3 So Peter and the other disciple started for the tomb. 4 Both were running, but the other disciple outran Peter and reached the tomb first. 5 He bent over and looked in at the strips of linen lying there but did not go in. 6 Then Simon Peter, who was behind him, arrived and went into the tomb. He saw the strips of linen lying there, 7 as well as the burial cloth that had been around Jesus' head. The cloth was folded up by itself, separate from the linen. 8 Finally the other disciple, who had reached the tomb first, also went inside. He saw and believed. 9 (They still did not understand from Scripture that Jesus had to rise from the dead.)

Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene:

10 Then the disciples went back to their homes, 11 but Mary stood outside the tomb crying. As she wept, she bent over to look into the tomb 12 and saw two angels in white, seated where Jesus' body had been, one at the head and the other at the foot. 13 They asked her, "Woman, why are you crying?" 14 "They have taken my Lord away," she said, "and I don't know where they have put him." At this, she turned around and saw Jesus standing there, but she did not realize that it was Jesus. 15 "Woman," he said, "why are you crying? Who is it you are looking for?"

The Date of Easter:

Easter and the holidays that are related to it are moveable feasts, in that they do not fall on a fixed date in the Gregorian calendar (which follows the motion of the Sun and the seasons). Instead, they are based on a lunar calendar like that used by the Jews. At the First Council of Nicaea in 325 it was decided that Easter would be celebrated on the Sunday after the 14th day of the first lunar month of spring (in theory, the Sunday after the first full moon on or after the day of the vernal equinox). Eventually, all churches accepted the Alexandrian method of computing Easter, which set the northern hemisphere vernal equinox at 21 March (the actual equinox may fall one or two days earlier or later), and the date of the full moon was to be determined by using the Metonic cycle. A problem here is the difference between the western churches and the Eastern Orthodox Churches. The former now use the Gregorian calendar to calculate the date of Easter, while the latter still use the original Julian calendar. The World Council of Churches proposed a reform of the method of determining the date of Easter at a summit in Aleppo, Syria, in 1997. This reform would have eliminated the difference in the date between the Eastern and Western churches. The reform was due to be implemented starting in 2001, but it failed.


The Messengers & Good News - Born Again (1971)

Born Again is an outstanding custom obscurity that showcases the talents of two excellent Jesus music groups from Vermont. Side one belongs to The Messengers, five longhaired chaps who time-warped their sound back to the UK psychedelic garage rock/beat scene circa 1966 and 1967. Man, these guys have got spunk! ‘Not Too Early’ opens with quick-paced jangling electric guitar, surging organ, heavy drums and Merseybeat harmonies – first listen I was absolutely convinced they were British (and it still wouldn’t surprise me if one or two of them actually were). All six tracks are strong, especially the powerful ‘The Right Way’ which opens on a two-note ‘For What It’s Worth’ kind of theme, then building to an explosion of ferocious in-your-face hard rock fuzz guitar. Side two features seven selections by the folk duo Good News. While obviously not as heavy as their buddies on the flip side, Wayne Harvey and David Trombley emerge as one of the better examples of the style, exemplifying much of the depth of Simon & Garfunkel’s acoustic work. Cover uses the same image of Christ as Agape’s Gospel Hard Rock. Eet’z a monstah!!!!!! (Ken Scott - Archivist)

Bit Rate: 320


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