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The Sixth Station - Deep Night (1982)

Stunning soft rock set of dreamy celestial moods carried by a steady beat and rife with phased electric rhythm guitar for a wonderful unfiltered slightly out-of-tune quality. Lead vocalist sounds a lot like Neil Young with his fragile shaky delivery. Deep creative lyrics to match, with all original songwriting and titles like ‘I See’, ‘Ways You’ve Never Known’, ‘Over And Over’, ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Remember The Pilgrim’. Plenty of solo leads on top of the rhythm guitar, sometimes two in tandem, sometimes with light fuzz or other effects, reaching some hard-hitting moments on tracks like ‘Scar Of Love’ or the powerful ‘Before The Snowfall’. The only other instruments are bass and drums (no keyboards or even acoustic guitars from what I can tell). Some of the most beautiful selections are the ballads, like ‘Make A Way For Me’ or the delicate title track. Catholic I’m guessing – the back cover has references to “nihil obstat” and “imprimatur”, plus a thanks to the Bishop of Peoria. Simple sunset cover photo. One of the most impressive post-80 custom recordings I’ve heard. (Ken Scott - Archivist)

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