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Keith Howard & Friends - Looking for You (1980)


Keith Howard’s admirable rock/folkrock custom seems to have a much more down-to-earth quality than the typical UK male solo lps found on labels like Dovetail, Grapevine, Myrrh, etc. That’s because Looking For You sticks with basic rock instrumentation (acoustic and electric guitars, piano, bass, drums, occasional synthesizer) while avoiding ccm tendencies. Keith was a member of The Advocates, who had two fine albums on Dovetail in the mid ‘70s. Actually most of his old band is in here helping out, though the end result doesn’t really sound like The Advocates. This is folkier and more homemade, with no organ or polished harmonies. Definite British feel though. All Keith-written originals like ‘Planter Of Seeds’, ‘Ever Seen A Grown Man Cry?’, ‘Coming Again’, ‘The Prisoner’ and ‘Eskimo’, the latter a convicting song about the negative effects of forcing cultural changes on the newly converted. My favorite chorus: “somethin’s goin’ on in the space between my ears”. Same miniscule UK label as Driver’s You Better Take It. 500 pressed.- (Ken Scott - Archivist)

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